Travel to Lord Howe Island

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, it is recognised that as Lord Howe Island welcomes visitors from the mainland once again, there is a risk of infection in the community. We want your visit to be safe and we also wish to safeguard the welfare of the island’s 350 residents. For this reason there are some specific responsibilities that all travellers need to consider prior to arrival.

Travellers’ Responsibilities

  • It is the traveller’s responsibility to postpone travel to Lord Howe Island if they have recently been in a hotspot or in contact with persons presenting with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If symptoms of illness or a raised temperature present prior to travel, travellers need to be tested for Coronavirus and delay their trip until a negative result is returned.
  • Should travellers present with symptoms whilst on the island, they must immediately phone the Gower Wilson Memorial Hospital to arrange testing. Alternatively, symptomatic travellers should request their accommodation manager contact the hospital on their behalf. (Symptomatic travellers should not present at the hospital as medical staff will attend on site).
  • Once tested, symptomatic travellers must isolate within their accommodation until test results are received.
  • Should test results present as COVID-19 positive, the symptomatic traveller must remain isolated within their accommodation for the next 10 days and until medical clearance is received.
  • All accommodation and cleaning costs remain the responsibility of the traveller.
  • Travel to Lord Howe is subject to current NSW Public Health Orders, which may change at the discretion of NSW Health.
  • Travellers should check the terms and conditions of their travel insurance policy as compensation for changes to bookings due to COVID-19 may not be included.
  • Please note that Qantas will not fly COVID-19 positive persons off the island, even if they are asymptomatic.
  • Air Ambulance will only transfer persons whose medical condition is, or looks set to become, critical.