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Lord Howe Environmental Tours

Join us on the iconic Mt Gower trek and explore the wonders of the world’s southernmost reef on our Glass Bottom Boat Tours. Enjoy the pristine beauty of the world’s most southerly coral reef and the unique diversity of Mt Gower’s mist forest with Lord Howe Environmental Tour

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Coral Viewing and Snorkeling Tours

Influenced by the warm East Australian current during summer and cooler southern currents in winter, Lord Howe Island boasts a myriad of temperate and tropical marine species. Over 490 coastal reef fish species and nearly 90 coral species call this reef system their home. Due to its isolation, the Island has a range of fish fauna, algae and marine invertebrates found nowhere else on the planet.

Lord Howe Environmental Tours operate glass bottom boats within the sheltered crystal-clear waters of the Island’s lagoon.

The Coral Viewing and Snorkeling Tour is the ultimate way to experience the lagoon’s premier reef and coral holes. This two hour tour focuses on exploring the profuse coral seascape and introduces visitors to some of the more unusual lagoon inhabitants such as the endemic double-header wrasse, stingrays and turtles.  This tour provides an optional snorkelling experience at Erscott’s Hole or you can just relax on the boat and view the stunning diversity of this exotic marine location.

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Specialty Snorkeling Tour

For the snorkeling, enthusiasts join us on our two-hour Specialty Snorkeling Tour to four of the lagoon’s most amazing coral gardens. Snorkel within the calm pristine waters of the lagoon and marvel at the diversity of this reef environment.

  • Adults $60.00
  • Children $25.00

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Mt Gower Trek

Join Island Naturalist Dean Hiscox on the Mt Gower Trek. Dean was an Island Ranger for 16 years and his extensive knowledge will ensure a unique and memorable day in which you will learn about the Island’s World Heritage values and its amazing natural history. Per person $100

View  for details on the following tours:

  • Guided kayaking tours
  • Blackburn Island natural history/seabird tour

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